School Events

Big Draw


Visiting Artist, “Big Draw’ at the Columbia Primary School, 49-53 Columbia Rd, London E2 7RG

Big Draw” project was a collaboration between 6 artists and the children of the Columbia Primary School that took place in October 2016. The project has been 7 hours long split in two days, each session with 60 children lasting about 60 minutes (Age range 4-11). Drawing has been considered here as a source of ideas that can become realities. Artists helped the children in looking at machines parts, printing, sawing, hammering, bolting to add to a (rudimentary) machine, all from our imagination. They Injected enthusiasm and some critical thinking to allow the children to make considered and thoughtful work.

Mistakes Lab


Visiting Artist, Workshop “Mistakes Lab” at the Harris Girls Academy, Homestall Road, London

Three artists, Serena Nassini, Carina Wyatt and Charlotte Malik opened a discussion with year 7 students about learning asking the question ‘what could a school be?’. Exploring ideas that came from the students both through drawing and talking we gave them the opportunity to look at learning and environment from different angles, a chance to share their own experiences, to challenge the school and to contribute to a research project.

Visual Culture


Co -teacher in Visual Culture at Goldsmiths, University of London, Lewisham Way, New Cross

Teaching ‘Visual Culture’ to PGCE students in collaboration with other two art teachers, John Johnson and Jesus Briceno, has been a way to understand the importance of transmitting ideas related to critical, visual and public pedagogy through art practice. Sharing this content with future elementary school teachers raised discussions around the necessity of developing critical consciousness, learning about social identity and being able to communicate through images. Being part of an interactive presentation about different issues related to art, art in schools, education system, social identity, image reading and image making increased the personal motivation in teaching and art making.



Visiting Artist, Workshop at the Harris Academy, Upper Norwood, Spungeon Road, London

Serena worked in collaboration with the year 9 Art Teacher helping students in developing their personal projects. She worked on her current artwork sharing the same space with the students. This helped them and inspired them to experience art as a constructive enjoyable critical process where to explore divergent thinking increasing self esteem. Rather than considering art as a matter of outcome or skills the lesson has been a collective dialogue based on the principle of critical pedagogy and problem posing education. Students have been able to form their meanings and relate the experience to some other relevant aspect of their lives.

Good Sitting

18/01/2015 – 23/03/2015

Researcher in a collaborative project of Practice Based Inquiry in Critical Pedagogy, New Cross Road, London

Serena Nassini and Carina Wyatt documented their actions and reflected on them in the project “good sitting” describing how they evolve around a collaborative practice based inquiry drawn on dialogue and on the principles of Critical Pedagogy. They challenged our current practices, negotiated decisions and organized, experienced and documented two workshops with different groups of children. They documented their interactions, an interesting way for us to understand if the children could pass from being ‘objects of education to subjects of their own autonomy and emancipation’ (Aliakbari and Faraji, 2011, p.77).

Background noise


Visiting Artist, Workshop at the Harris Academy, Upper Norwood, Spungeon Road, London

Serena worked in collaboration with the Art Teacher of year 9 students. Students learnt to analyse and respond to the work of a visiting artist, to make connections with and develop ideas for their current project ‘identity’, to consider how the body and space/environment can be used to create a meaningful artwork. Students got into groups and using digital photography for initial recording they created their response to her work. They interpreted reality in a personal way erasing or changing objects and/or perspectives enriching their visual thinking and learning new ways to relate with each other. The aim of the project was to promote an active engagement in the world through collaboration with others in order to question it and critically transform it.

English is fun


English Teacher, Oreno (MI) Italy

Creator and director of didactic contents (about drama, art, storytelling and play) and their implementation, Serena taught English to Italian children from 3 to 9 years old during an English summer camp with the “English is fun” method. She coordinated tutors and decided activities, materials and music involved in them.

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