Serena ART for ALL

Art making is a very important and unique opportunity. Building a stronger and positive sense of self the art student will gain confidence, critical thinking and visual thinking skills while also becoming more curious, collaborative and compassionate. The art student will be involved in a positive engagement with the world developing an attitude towards problem solving, teamwork and relational aesthetics. Art making is an empowering activity through which learning can be fun and meaningful, leading the student to trust himself and others and to become an active and collaborative citizen of the world who deals creatively in its transformation giving … Continue reading Serena ART for ALL

About the Art Teacher

I am an Artist and Art Tutor with an extensive knowledge of fine arts. As a practising artist I exhibited in London, Cambridge and Milan. I have a Masters in Arts (Artist-Teacher and Contemporary Practices) from Goldsmiths, University of London. I also studied Fine Arts at the San Francisco State University and Painting and Visual Arts at Naba in Milan.¬†With many years of experience as a tutor, I built the ability to teach a wide range of skill levels, offering in-depth instructions when needed while also encouraging individual artistic development. I specialise in art and learning with a focus on … Continue reading About the Art Teacher